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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Bingo: Comida y artículos de mesa Free Download!!

On my way to create the new starters materials ( Icons from Flaticon and design with Category 6 describes an individual bingo game where students come up with vocab words or verbs from the previous lesson.
That said to save some time i thought I would also have a few Bingo games ready! 
I have created yesterday a bingo on food for my Spanish classes.  There are 14 different sheets with the following vocabulary words: works for any language you use!

  1. Spanish, English, French
  2. Refresco, coke, coca
  3. Picante, spicy, piquant
  4. Papas fritas, fries, frites
  5. Helado/postre, ice cream/dessert, glace/ dessert
  6. La cuenta, the bill/ the check, l'addition
  7. Queso, Cheese, Fromage
  8. Atún, tuna, thon
  9. Plato, plate, assiette
  10. Leche, milk, lait
  11. Servilleta, napkin, serviette
  12. Vaso, glass/cup, verre
  13. Cuchara, spoon, cuillère
  14. Cuchillo, knife, couteau
  15. Tenedor, fork, fourchette
  16. Sandwich/bocadillo, sandwich, sandwich
  17. Dulce/ caramelo, sweet/ candy, sucré/ bonbon

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Do you know Simon's cat? Speaking with videos

Apparently we had a cat when i was a baby. I don't remember much about biscuit, but I love watching the videos on YouTube Simon's cat. 
Here is the example for Daily routine teaching.
A few things I get the students to explain in the TL when watching the snippets of videos:
- feelings they can observe
- objects and location of objects
- actions
- what will happen next
- what just happened.
I know some teachers have TPT account with materials on there based on Simon's cat.

I just think watch a few episodes, see which will work with your curriculum and let your imagination and the kid's run wild!

With this episode, we work on actions and emotions and things in the kitchen, times of the day, the time, verbs with the third form.

One cute project would be over a couple of lessons to get the kids to pair up and pick a video from the website themselves and explain in a presentation with some screenshots of scenes what happens in the video, getting them to teach other new vocabulary and verbs item.

We also watch the video on those days were casually a lot of students are missing class (pre holiday season classes, alternative schedule days or even as a freebee for being ahead of other classes). 

Monday, 23 July 2018

How to explain grammar to a 12 years old...

I find that while doing high intensity courses during the summer (by high intensity I mean that in 8 or 9 lessons the student ought to have covered basic questions, conjugating regular and irregular verbs and have acquired a certain amount of vocabulary. ) While most of the class and rewards are done in Spanish, switching to English for that one second may help.
Here is an example of how I dissect verb conjugating to explain it to a 12 years old.
By using questions and a rather straight forward POINT BY POINT explanation of the HOW rather than WHY verbs are irregular I usually get excellent lasting results.
To design this slide I used Smartboard Notebook software,  this slide came after an explanation of the three groups of verbs, the subject pronouns used in Spanish and a slide on comparing the verb Estar vs the irregular pattern. 
A well thought out visual can cut many corners with this type of student ( I'm talking a bout Middle schoolers, but infographics are great for ANY age!). It is a ton of into to take in and so having clearly labelled and laid out slides that are colorful and engaging always helps. 
I also tell my students who also learn English grammar, of the connections between the languages,
the historical reason in French for the circumflex accent too. They find these stories engaging and we are often off to a good start.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

How to make your own online activities...

To make your own online activities you can use the German website
You can design multiple sets of activities upload audio and pictures to include in your activities.
The first day I used it with my Spanish students creating an adjective opposites crossword. They loved it because, again, when you completely tailor make your materials they see the point in the work and get engaged.

The French classes got a small quiz on health.
There is such a wide range of activities it is easy to find something for your purpose. 

One more thing, You can access other people's activities too. It is a website that covers all subjects if you teach more than one subjects.

And finally ,for reading!

Friday, 13 July 2018

And the winner is...

Here is is, click HERE to download the pdf 

More dobble...

So I heard I won't be teaching 8th grade after all. So I get to continue working on developing the 5th grade curriculum and my current 7th grade French and Spanish.
Dobble, doble I see you in my future...
I tutor two brothers and I saw how effective they can be in retaining vocabulary so here we go, two new additions to my dobble collection!!
 Breakfast items I will use in my food unit in October, 
TPT page :
and the school dobble see the nest post as it was the winner!!
I'll use this summer but also in my review of the 6th grade curriculum in September.
Instagram followers get to pick which will be uploaded in full for vote!!@laclassedemademoisele on Instagram!

Friday, 6 July 2018

Planeamos una fiesta- group work worksheet

I think the topic of celebrations is one of my favorites.
To start the chapter, I ask the kids to look into a celebration ( this year we did various Spanish ones). Then we move onto various celebrations and holidays. We look at what we do during these special days and learn about the past tense. They worked on party planning with white boards this year based on an invitation. (El año nuevo)
But for next year, I just made this group work activity which will have them plan a party and the shopping lists. There is so much I want to add to it (the stores they need to visit, what they would wear), but a two sided worksheet is enough to get them active and thinking in the TL. 
So thank you @betterinspanish for the idea. My hope, is to create a similar activity for the french students as we will study the festivals and celebrations next year in the 8th grade.
I made the worksheet using Pages and icons from, also used one of my favorite fonts Caviar Dreams.
TPT page link :

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Le passé composé Boardgames

When I teach the Passé Composé ( PC) I use a book I made using Ibooksauthor.
Since I teach 7th grade, it is a somewhat a rough version of the important rules. 
It is 4 lessons:
1. Regular avoir with ER and getting used to the new technical words (auxiliaire, participe passé, verbe composé) 
2. Other regular endings IR /RE/ + ER all regular verb avoir practice
3. Irregular avoir ( -u ( type pu), -is (type (mettre),-it ( faire), é (été)
4. Etre verbs  they have to remember 5 that we come across in the year with the acronym ( PARAS: Partir, aller, rester, arriver and sortir) 
With être we go over the agreement rule ( just like the adjective) 

and Boom voilà!

So 3 board games essentially and you can DOWNLOAD  the one with irregular and regular avoir verbs.


I also put on a few stickers to the regular board game and created question or negative sentence card so they can practice those skills too. ( the cards with ? and - are mixed up) they pick a card when they land on the box that has a sticker.

Both my French classes wanted to keep playing for ever. I don't mind as they don't use notes and this fosters their spontaneity and I am very lucky as they started making full sentences without me even asking!

TPT link:

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Starters for the new school year.

My school is going through a rather massive schedule overall so no bells and 65 minute classes. My aim is to get the kids into a routine asap. While we all aim to be able to choral the kids into our classroom or the aim here is to have a great little first activity to have them all run to my class on time.  ( HAHA we can all dream!) 
So here it is the 30 starters i've compiled into this long infographic. (I will hopefully grow this list into the year and maybe even through the summer).
I hope it will refresh your memory of all the fun stuff and useful you can do in your class without re-inventing the wheel that is.  ( I think you should be able to click on the pictures to see them bigger!

Click HERE to Download