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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Using movies in the language classroom

This is the end of the post about using Coco the movie in my 5th grade Spanish class.
The 5th grade in my school rotates between three languages over the course of the year. I am about to start the third rotation and as this is my first year teaching fifth grade there is a lot of reflection going on. The first rotation did not get the movie study they did learn about the colors, animals and emotions though, so content wise, classes will have similar prior knowledge when they go to 6th grade if they choose Spanish. 
During the second rotation, we had time to go over celebrations and the culture of the Day of the dead through the movie. I also though I would continue studying the movie including emotions. The material I created for the class was based on screenshots while I watched the movie, the kids still enjoyed watching and writing captions for the screenshots of the various emotions the characters felt. The kids did great and are impressed me with their use of the adjective endings as well. The third topic we looked at was colors in the Alebrijes and the various animals that make up some of the Alebrijes that can be identified in some scenes.  
 There are so many other topics than could be studied at that level with this fantastic movie. 
Are there any other movies that you use in your classroom that have inspired you to make resources?

Monday, 4 February 2019

Using Freepik to enhance your resources

    Just like using or to put together resources, I recently started using If you create an account ( free ) you get to download some of the their pictures for free. You have a link to give the author recognition if you sell your resources.
I needed groups of pictures ( they call it vectors in the design industry) and also scenes.
     As you can see in the examples here it is pretty useful for worksheets reading materials based on pictures. ( see left on clothing and bottom left of the cluster picture on house)
 Again if we focus on the TL at beginner level it is pretty useful!
     I also use Freepik scenes and vectors for presentations.
It was time I gave my house unit a revamp, and I really liked the modern and clear look of some of these houses. I was able with the same picture to do a presentation on rooms of the house and prepositions.  For chores, I found a vector ( top right) that had most of the vocabulary I was looking for. If you use Prezi this would be great too as I used circle shapes to highlight the chore I am talking about in each slide. 

       Using the same picture as a base for various slides keeps it simple and clear for our students, they also help our visual learners who will be able to work from the same picture.
      Once downloaded the picture is essentially yours to have fun with, so the vectors could be cut up into all the various smaller pictures and used for a memory game, a card game or what ever else you want to do!

      Want to see some of these closer?
Check them out in my TPT store.
Thank you for you support as always!