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Point AT ... the HOW TO

I used this versatile visual resource to review listening and vocabulary acquisition before our final exam. 

The before :

This is in fact an adaptation of a game I would do on the Smartboard.
1. have a bunch of words in French on the Smartboard 
2. ask for two volunteer
3. Start a one minute timer 
4. Say a word in English- find it in French, circle with the pen.

I like this activity as much as the kids but there are a few thing that don't match the philosophy of 100%TL, so skip the English. And to make this all French and less of a reading exercise and became a listening game instead.

The after :

Using and ( both free websites) 
you can create your own document with the appropriate vocabulary ( we don't use a textbook per say but we are using some listenings from one particular editor and some items like fishing rod and cooler do appear.)

After that it os down to you to just stick the pictures on a  background. 

When we play the game the kids get SUPER excited, as we went through review week they even asked "are we doing another point at game miss?" So why not??

So I make enough copies for paired work, I am lucky enough that we got colored printers this year, it helps especially with the clothing unit. 

So once your kids have the sheet I say ' les doigts, prĂȘts?' and the first word.
Ensues sometimes questions, giggles and some very competitive students like to keep a tally. 

Finally there are plenty adaptations for this, so let's start the discussion. 
How would you see your students use these in your classroom. What topics would you create your own? Mandarin teachers, could you use these with characters?

Please comment below!

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