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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

SER o ESTAR that is the question...

Ser or Estar.... the daunting question every student has to ask themselves. 

This year I tried to find a couple of fun ways to practice the uses of Ser and Estar at my level. 

While at camp, with the creative juices flowing and a little bit of time on my hands, I partnered with the math teacher to create a triangle 'triomino' style puzzle with ser / estar uses and conjugations. We both had a lot of fun. Kristen making the puzzle itself and I trying to make this fun activity on a subject that is not so fun!

I also created two sets of task cards, two levels one that asks students to determine of the verb is SER or ESTAR based on the icons I will use to present the situations. The other set with only a sentence as a context for them to make their decision and fill in the gap. 

I am happy to share the Puzzle with you guys as today we get the day off!!! check out the free download page for this new resource. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Teaching the alphabet, sounds and practice...

Part of being a 7th grade and now 5th grade teacher, is to make sure students are on point with what they alphabet in French or Spanish look like ( here are new letters different from English), sound like and not only to make sure they can understand the letters but that they can also use them.

I saw a resource on the blog from Eleinternacional that inspired me with the 7th grade class to make my own set with words students knew from their previous class.

I will give each student a card and they will not share until hey are given the following instructions:

Option 1
First student read the word on the card super slow and the student across writes it in is notebook. the student taking notes then spell out the word they write. Take turns ( pre existing knowledge may help a lot)

Option 2
 First student spells out the word, partner writes the word and then says the word.

As a whole class, the cards can be used with one student spelling for the rest of the class who spells on white boards. This would take a  few very confident students to help out but they love having a job don't they!