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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

TPT Update!! NOW 45+ Resources available! and Happy Halloween!

I have uploaded more resources to the TPT page.
French and Spanish and some even that can be used for ESL.
I am slowly updating both to link TPT resources to the blog, so if they are featured on the blog that is have the TPT link on there and vice versa, linking the blog into the TPT product pages. A lot of work but worth it to spread the creative word!
There are a few free resources too, so visit the page to see what they are!
I have even made three bundles:
SER and ESTAR (Spanish)
Pronoun dice ( Spanish)
Leisure (French)

I want to keep resources affordable as my motive for the blog or the TPT is not to make profit but to repay my Flaticon membership so I can keep the resources looking fresh!

I will hold a sale every month. the next Sale will be for Black Friday of course!

Start filling up your wishlists
In the meantime

Monday, 15 October 2018

Task cards Comida et Nourriture

I actually managed to give my 5th graders their set of cards  and they loved going around the classroom looking for the questions. They also managed to understand the questions in the TL And answer them!
The only problem is i seem to run out of time constantly, we are clearly having too much fun!

It was so much quicker than I thought to create those cards! 

I had two sets whipped up in 65 mn!
Printing the vocabulary sheet and highlighting the words I used to maximize the vocabulary review was a huge help. 
Now I have a template for part of the question types in French and Spanish ( see the various type in the post below) and I am about to start working on my 5th grade task card set to use at the end of the unit.
It is so exciting I cannot wait to use them but it will take a few more weeks before I can do so!! 

Since I used barely any pictures in these I am thinking of putting those up as my first TPT material! Stay tuned! In the meantime remember to visit the free downloads page on this website!

UPDATE: There are now three sets of taskcards on my TPT store!
5th grade number unit :

French food unit:

Spanish Food unit: FREE on the TPT store

Friday, 12 October 2018

Task Cards creation work in progress ... first some ideas.

With all my classes this year, I would like to create at least one set of task cards.
I have made a list of the kind of tasks I want to give them and now I need to think about the various ways the set could be used in class and for review.
here are the types of questions I have either seen on other task cards sets, or thought about based on other activities.

1. how do you say?
2. multiple choice answer to question
3. fill in the blank
4. true of false answer to question
5. correct the mistake
6. draw the word you see on the card
7. define the word using target language
8. what is the opposite of this word
9. what color is it?
10. sequence to put in order
11. bigger or smaller  than for (numbers)
12. picture on the card students write the word and an sentence with the word
13. pick the correct verb to complete the sentence and conjugate
14. conjugaisons
15. do the math/ how much is it?
16. what subject pronoun is this>
17. answer the question
18. missing letters in word/ unjumble the letters

I'll be using the usual and for pictures as my students are used to those these days and it is a lot quicker to duplicate cards.
Here is the quick template I have created to get started!