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Bonjour, Hola, Hello. 

Why start a blog... 

I am bored being a teacher? Quite the contrary. I. LOVE. TEACHING. I recently took an online course with ELE Internacional stepped it up with my own resources creation. I thought maybe it would spread the word if I created a blog too.

So what do I teach exactly?

French and Spanish at Middle School level, for our friends in the UK that is from year 5-8 and in France it would be niveau Cm2, 6ème, 5ème, or A1,A2 (CECR).

Who do I teach?

This is where it gets exciting, in September 2018 I'll be starting to branch off my current 7th grade French and Spanish curriculum adding Spanish 5th grade and French 8th grade.

Who am I?

Born in France, where I also grew up I was able to learn three language throughout school. After spending some time as a teenager in the UK, learning English at a summer school, I thought "Surely there is a way I can teach people my own language too" and so I did a little research and went on my way.
Step 1 DEUG d'anglais Université de Reims,
Step 2 Licence d'anglais Mention FLE Université François Rabelais de Tours
Step 3 French Assistant in Scotland 
Step 4 Maitrise de FLE Université François Rabelais de Tours
Step 5 PGCE @ Murray House, Edinburgh University. Start teaching as French teacher and a couple of years later as French and Spanish teacher, Start night classes.
YAY! But wait, I kinda love learning so why stop there...
Step 6 Continue Spanish Night classes, Socrative course in Pamplona
Step 7 Move to England and now fully fledged Spanish and French teacher, teaching Year 6-A level. 
Step 8 Move to the US, teach 7th grade French and Spanish. Present at ACTFL how I use Pinterest with my students. 
Step 9...Start a blog.

What  do I do when I don't teach?

I cook, meal plan, go to the gym because, well, French people like to eat carbs... 
My hubby and I like to travel too. (at this point I have not even posted resources but I am tempted to blog the meal plans and travel journeys. haha)
It's always exciting to think about the next trip, this time in July to Arizona.

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