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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Teaching animals to my 5th graders

When I was planning my 5th grade Spanish curriculum I wanted to see if I show then how vocabulary would apply to several topics. When we talked about seasons, I saw that they were pretty comfortable adding colors so, now I am revisiting colors talking about animals, I am adding where they live as well. As we are running out of time I am unsure if I will get to teach them likes and dislikes.

I made a few games to introduce the vocabulary:
1. A match up game to start with
2.The good old ahorcado (hangman)
3. A crossword on Learningapps ( here is the link)
4. Using Basho and Friends's Animal song on Youtube and practicing the "cu├ínto" questions
5. Reviewing emotions with a few slides with a couple of animals showing feelings facial expression (example the Grumpy Cat) I even found some pictures of finding Nemo :)
6. Eventually, I will go over colors with them and go over the adjective agreement rules that were already explained with emotions. Then by combining with the verb ser students will continue their introduction to a few of the basic Spanish rules and important verbs.
7. After doing SER with description of colors of animals; students could go back to estar to explain where the animals are or use the verb Vivir as well.
8. I would like them to continue putting all sorts of informations together so I made a slide with cognate animals (panda, giraffe) so they can use what they have learnt/ reviewed ( colors, habitat etc) with new animals
8. Finally, I made a spinner game with cards with various questions about the animals.
I put new animals on there like penguin, unicorn, dragon ( our school's symbol).

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