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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Using movies in the class ( Continued)

In a previous post, I explained some ways to use Simon's cat in the class. This time, I want to talk  about Coco. I am a HUGE fan of Pixar movies and I sadly did not see Coco until it came out on Netflix, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and how cultural this movie was. 

I don't usually teach Day of the dead in my classes because the upper school spends a whole unit on it. That said in this holiday season I thought I am just going to continue my classes as per usual wit the 5th grade. Last night, we had our department gathering and we had conversation around our favorite movies and I just changed my mind. I wanted a movie that ties in with my curriculum. 5th grade is numbers, dates and celebrations, colors, emotions, animals. I can do all that with Coco. 
I started working on some new materials and will continue over break, there should be an exciting packet on Coco for that elementary sort of level, with some tasks in English and some in Spanish.
Here is the first page, I designed it with Canva, still very much in love with this design making app. 
It is available for download HERE and on my TPT store.

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