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Thursday, 18 June 2020

Liveworksheets last post how to upload video and audio and insert links

In this example of a book review, I demonstrate how to create links within the worksheet which really creates a different dimension different from a paper worksheet. 
First I demonstrate how to insert weblinks (link), then how to insert a youtube video ( it embeds the video within the worksheet) and finally mp3 recordings. (playmp3) Video#4
This really adds another dimension to the worksheets you can create especially for us language teachers
I recorded the audio with Quicktime and converted the files with 
Zamzar, it took no time to convert the files.  Video #5 (playMP3)

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Listen and Speak on Liveworksheets

Today I show you how to create a listening tool and a speaking tool on Liveworksheets in this video.
I made this with a created worksheet on Canva (again!) and di not really edit this so if I were to edit I would add a loudspeaker icon as in this example students need to hover the mouse to find where to click to listen...
When you create such document, make sure that you do not overlap the various commands boxes otherwise you will only be able to do one or the other, hence why this worksheet has the listen and speak outside the complete the gap box.
Also, I am no native English speaker and the speaking tool is certainly tough to please, I had trouble on the penned word!!
One more thing, the speak command only works with Chrome so fra, Listen works on Chrome and Safari. 
The next post will be on how to upload into a worksheet and insert into a worksheet.

Tuesday, 16 June 2020 video tutorials: The interactive commands

In his section, I will cover the drag and drop, drop-down menu and the match up functions in Liveworksheets.
These three interactive features are really useful, as I demonstrate here with a worksheet on time made with a template from (I edited it for the purpose of this video.)
Video #3: interactive commands
First I demonstrate the drop-down menu (choose) as briefly demonstrated in the last video of the previous blog post on the simple commands. See blog here.
Then I quickly show the command for the match up (join) and the command for drag and drop. 
To find the quick glance infographic I use in this video click on this link 😃

Monday, 15 June 2020

Liveworksheet tutorial simple commands

I have really loved working with Liveworksheet. 
I am posting multiple video links on my blog this summer on how to digitalize your worksheets depending on what you are looking to do with it. I am using worksheets from Canva to show you the various tools available. 
I am breaking up the infographic available on my TPT in these videos. 
I hope these help!
*these videos will show you how to create our worksheet after you have created your Liveworksheet account.
This post encompasses the simple commands section of the infographic.
Video 1: Uploading a document to digitalize, drawing a box, including answers for autocorrect and saving the document for private use. 
ALL videos will also show how it will look to your students once they click on the link.

Video 2: creating check boxes ( a tick mark/checkmark will appear in the correct boxes ), self correct multiple choice boxes and a drop down menu ( in this example a simple yes/no answer).

More tutorials to come soon!

Sunday, 7 June 2020

3 top Distance Learning resources and some thoughts for next year

It is the end of the year for me, I have stopped by school to collect the 3 month old dirty cups, cleaned up my desk that was left in a hurry in March, and now I am ready to chill for a bit. I am not sure about your schools but here, we are not quite ready with a plan for Fall and understandably it is hard to tell what the situation will be in September so, we continue on the Distance Learning series and the top 3 resources I planned my lessons around during the Spring term.
At # 3: I must have posted about Lingt before, if not here on my IG @laclassedemademoisele. Lingt is free, if you have small classes, you need to pay to have a larger amount of student accounts. I use the free version and delete some content as I go along. The students get URL a bit like Edpuzzle or Flipgrid and that is all you need to tell them apart from the class name.
On your end it is very easy to create content, you can record yourself and have then repeat, like atailored language lab, you can write and they can write also,  I am attaching two examples of tasks I created by adding text, then pictures, and asking the kids either to write or to speak and often both. I then log in to the system and I can see the kids work and give them feedback so long as they provide an email address.
At #2 Learning Apps. 
This website allows you to create a variety of games for grammar or vocabulary, there is also a search engine and for example, on one day my kids played a game on routines that I created and loved it so much I told them to look up Rutina in the search engine and they found a bunch more tasks to do.
You can record yourself as well which allows you to create listening games in any language. The folder system allows you to organize your resources and you can embed the links to your made games in your website or online platform. Here is an example of the recap task I gave my 6th graders on questions and answers on school. They just had to drag the question and answers, these are not timed so kids can also take notes as they do the task. 

At #1, A real lifesaver during these dire times. If you want to go green and skip printing worksheets this is the way to go. Let me be clear, it is a little time consuming digitalizing your worksheets but totally worth it. Plus there is a ton of resources already available, you just don't know how the autocorrect will work if you don't try the worksheet yourself at first.
Liveworksheets has it's own code which you will learn two ways:1. watching the how-to videos on their website or youtube. ( I am hoping to sit down this summer and write a little code key to share before the fall, 2. you can find various worksheet switch different types of exercises and click on how did they make it and you will see the codes they used. 
I have reservations with the pre recorded voices, I did a task with my nephew who is learning English, we are both French ( this reminds me, I should probably do an introduction post), anyway, the voice was barely recognizable, but I do believe you can upload your own Mp3 files into the worksheet.
I used Liveworksheets to create quizzes, homework tasks, checking for understanding in class and just for fun. 
what you can do: gapfills, match ups, true or false, you can enter the answers and also leave open answers spaces. 
I have not used the workbook or entered students but I am definitely thinking I will next year.

Now for the next post, I will try to share the resources I plan on using next fall, if we are int he classroom and I cannot get the kids around a boardgame I must find another option and this seems to be So the next post will be about how I can move a powerpoint board game to


Monday, 27 April 2020

Edpuzzle and quizizz- how I use these two resources

Good morning,
Today I will tell you about how I use Edpuzzle and Quizizz.
First a bit of background info, before Distance Learning  -I shall call it DL after this- I never used Edpuzzle, I now do maybe on a bi-weekly basis.
Now, I have been using it for all levels 5th, 6th and 7th grade.
I used to present the vocab and get the kids going with songs and short videos in my classes, so after a quick search in the Youtube content, I found those videos already edited by other teachers. It is worth checking that the questions meet your kids' needs, and you can save and edit questions add more, delete or change the MCQ.

For the 6th grade, I mainly include the videos for reinforcement of what has been said in class or pre-teaching  (flip class) or even for listening skills. 
For the 7th grade,  I found some supplementing material for students to work on celebrations and also so explanatory videos on grammar topics that we may not have had time to go over in-depth during the class. 
I use Edpuzzzle for homework since we have 35 mn slots with our classes and I am lucky enough to have maximum of 16 students in my classes I try to continue teaching the way we used to in class. 

Quizizz on the other hand, I have been using way before DL. It is my 'Kahoot', I liked the old version I like the new version the kids like the new redemption questions and glitch bonuses etc.
All levels play with Quizizz, I have used premade ones, I have saved and edited ones and I have made my own ones too. It is very versatile and when you think your classes are lacking the umph then go fo a Quizizz and the quiz with brighten right up.
How often to I do Quizizz, with the 7th grade I have done it once a week during DL and with the 6th grade when needed. 
I like how we can go over the questions at the end, I tend to do this more with 6 and 7th grade than with the 5th grade. I do like how it gives the kids a temperature check on how they are doing, I need to play with the new gap-fill features to stretch the ability of the kids. 
It feels it really only tests them on reading and vocabulary or grammar mechanics if you only use the multiple choice options.

More to come this week or next the top 3 DL online resources.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Quick post before another Distance Learning day starts- top 5 Distance learning tools

Well I guess this will be a special Covid-19 edition.If you are a teacher reading this post, you will recognize many tools and resources I was previously using and if you are following @laclassedemademoisele on Instagram, you will definitely have heard of these resources. 
Anyway, here is my top 5 so far of online resources that I recenter my students on. We do 35 mn classes on zoom and I somewhat manage to include these throughout the week, either for homework or practice. I'll be coming back tomorrow to details these a little more!

stay safe

5. Edpuzzle
4. Quizizz
3. Lingt

3. Lingt
2. Learning Apps
1. Liveworksheets